Commissioner Gage Froerer: Reporting to You and Looking to the Future

As I am sworn in again as your Weber County Commissioner, I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity. I am honored to report back to you the efforts made in my first term and lay out my goals for my second term.

Projects Completed:

  • Weber County CARES Program: Our teams created a thorough vetting process and program to oversee a total disbursement of $44,866,708 in federal dollars to cities, businesses, schools, nonprofits, and hospitals in critical COVID relief funding.
  • Bond Refinancing: Working closely with Weber County Treasurer John Bond, we paid off two bonds and refinanced two bonds, saving the taxpayers $2,349,844 in interest.
  • Eliminating the “Golden Parachute”: We voted to eliminate this retirement perk for previously elected officials saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Master Plans Completed: Working with our planning teams and partners, we completed or nearly completed the West Weber General Plan, Weber County Master Plan, Upper and Lower Valley Water, and Sewer Studies.
  • County Credit Rating: In 2020, we were awarded a Triple AAA Bond Rating, this rating is only given to 72 of the 3,006 counties in the nation and put us in the top 2% of financially sound counties in the country.
  • Creating the Northern Utah Economic Development Alliance: We created a multi-county alliance to bring our economic development efforts to the world stage and facilitate supporting our existing companies in partnership with Weber State and Weber Technical College.
  • Improving Pineview Reservoir and Causey Dam: We lead joint efforts with the Forest Service on the design and renovation of recreational areas and parking at Pineview Reservoir and Causey Dam to be completed in the coming years.
  • Weber County Weed Board: We created the first functioning, with enforcement authority, Weber County Weed Board to eliminate noxious weeds to beautify and protect our county.

My Next Priority Projects:

  • Affordable Housing: We will work with our cities and the legislature to build an affordable housing plan with a meaningful impact.
  • Public Safety: We will prioritize public safety enforcement and infrastructure while looking at fiscally responsible ways to fund the needed jail expansion.
  • Water and Sewer Infrastructure: We will finalize the water and sewer infrastructure for the economic development mega-site in Western Weber County.
  • Renovate the Weber Center: We will utilize our existing building to better serve our constituents and the general public.

I will continue my efforts to wisely spend public dollars and communicate with our residents. I am passionate about creating an environment where our kids and grandkids have the opportunity to thrive in Weber County through affordable housing and economic development. Thank you for your trust, I am looking forward to continuing this work.

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