Weber County Fair Grounds Feasibility Study–Next Steps and Progress Made

In the last issue of the Weber County Connection Magazine, we requested the public provide comments on the future of the Weber County Fair Grounds. We were thrilled when over 2,400 of you submitted your comments and feedback. As we know so many of you love the Weber County Fair Grounds, we want to make certain that we continue to keep the community up-to-date with reliable information on the next steps of this critical process.

The Weber County Fair Grounds hosts hundreds of events each year, where people can attend and participate in a wide range of sports activities. The event center also hosts a variety of spectator events, including rodeos, games and leagues equestrian events, antique shows, sporting events, and competitions. “One of our main goals for this study is to simply find out…what we can do to prepare for the future to make sure that this event center can last for as long as possible,” said Dustin Olsen, general manager of the Golden Spike Event Center. “This study is simply designed to tell us what we need to do now, how we can improve, and what we need to do moving forward.” “We are an aging facility,” Olsen said. “We’ve been here since the 80s, and we haven’t had much of an overhaul or upgrade… We want to use this study to help make sure we do everything we can to stay competitive while also providing the community with a place where they can bring their family and friends and have an enjoyable experience.”

Since the last publication of the Weber County Connection Magazine, Victus Group has been conducting evaluations to determine the fairground’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and potential threats. They have been interviewing staff, as well as past, present, and potential customers. Prior to these interviews, Victus Group toured the facility, as well as attending an open house where the public was invited to voice any concerns or questions. In the near future, Victus Group will prepare and present a summary of their findings, as well as any recommendations.

Upon receiving and reviewing their recommendations, we will begin to prioritize and seek approval for what we can update. Once the approval is received, we will be able to continue to make the Weber County Fair Grounds a place that will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

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  1. I am so saddened by the removal of all horse events at the Weber County fair. It has now turned into a carnival. Whoever was responsible for that decision doesn’t understand what a county fair is. If it is a financial decision, there are plenty of sponsors who would help. You need to rethink think this and not take this and other animal events away. Hold it at Lagoon if you’re going to do this. LaMar Taylor.

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