DIY/RTC Ornate Mirror


Spring is in the air and so are projects at the Bitton house!

Rachel and Casey take a selfie in her new ornate mirror

When I told my husband I was going to write this article on my new DIY mirror he laughed and said “DIY? More like RTC – Rachel tells Casey.” I have to admit that he is fully correct. I have the ideas–he executes them. It really does work out well for me. Our latest project was a large, framed mirror.

I have wanted a large mirror for a while, but have you seen the price on them? Yikes! Casey was working on a remodel and a large, beveled edge mirror was in the garbage, so he brought it home. I pouted a little and didn’t want an old mirror, but then one night I was inspired! We (Casey) could buy the pretty trim and molding from a home improvement store to frame out the mirror more to my liking.

I didn’t really have an exact plan, but after visiting the store and requesting Casey hold up all sorts of trim options, a plan came into action. I decided on fancy trim, a lasered wood cutout for some decoration and large crown molding to top it off.

Casey hard a work building Rachels DIY-RTC mirror

Casey cut, fit, and glued all the pieces together. Sandwiching the mirror between the trim and a backboard piece. Once it was all together, I took over and painted all the wood trim black (see I did actually help on this one, not just spectate and direct). I wanted it to look ornate and fancy, so I used Antique Gold Rub N Buff to bring out the detail. It turned out better than I could have imagined.

I really am lucky with all of my RTC projects–this one wasn’t nearly as hard to execute as bringing two old grain silos to Hooper from east Layton…that RTC project’s to come!

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