Weber County Residents Nominated as Mothers of the Year

Pictured left to right: Commissioner Sharon Bolos, Sue Ann Burton, Patti Child, Commisioner
Gage Froerer, and Commisioner James “Jim” Harvey. Not Picture is Laura Ward

Mothers are the center of almost every household. Not only do they provide tireless service to their families, but more often than not, their selfless services extend to the communities they live in. While it is impossible to recognize all the people here in Weber County that do so much good, there are a few mothers who were recently recognized during a county commission meeting.

Laura Ward, Sue Ann Burton, and Patti Child, all residents of Weber County, were recently nominated as Mothers of the Year through the local chapter of the Utah Mothers Association. The Utah Mothers Association (UMA) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1935 with the goal of promoting the well-being of mothers and children in Utah. The organization’s philosophy is that motherhood is a sacred responsibility and that mothers should have access to support, education, and resources to help them fulfill this important role.

The UMA’s signature program is the “Mother of the Year” award, which recognizes outstanding mothers in Utah who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their families and communities. This award is a tribute to the hard work and selflessness of mothers who often go unrecognized for their contributions. The UMA also offers a variety of programs and services to its members, including networking opportunities, parenting resources and other community service projects. The organization also provides resources for mothers in need, such as food assistance, clothing, and other basic necessities. This year, these women represented the epitome of all the UMA stands for. As Deanna Porter, former mother of the year and past President of the Ogden Weber chapter of UMA put it, “We are grateful for these ladies and their tireless and quiet efforts to build up their families and communities. They have volunteered many hours and have put forth their time, efforts, and talents to improve their families and communities.” Porter continued to say, “These women have done a lot of work behind the scenes, but the work that they have done has not gone unnoticed.”

Ward, Burton, and Child were gracious in the Commission meeting, thanking the UMA and the county for sponsoring the award.

If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more about the Utah Mothers Association, please visit their website at

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