Live 911

Livestream 911 calls directly to first responders for faster response times and improved situational awareness

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office recently implemented a new technology designed to improve response times to emergencies and ultimately save more lives. The Live911 dispatch program allows first responders to listen in on 911 emergency calls in real-time and immediately identify the caller’s location. Since its implementation, the program has already saved multiple lives, with many more expected to be saved in the future.

According to Lieutenant Colby Ryan, the benefits of the program were immediately apparent. “We went live with this program recently, and we are already seeing the benefit of having it,” said Ryan. “Multiple lives have already been saved because of this program, and we anticipate that many more lives will be saved.”

One of the most significant advantages of Live911 is its ability to cut down on response times. When someone makes a 911 call, dispatch operators work to quickly obtain vital information from the caller, but there is inevitably a time lapse between the call and when the details are entered into the computer-aided design system.

However, with Live911, first responders in the field are sent the 911 calls simultaneously, allowing officers to hear the call as it happens. This feature is especially useful when responding to urgent situations. Officers can pre-set a geofence to quickly respond to calls in their current location. They can also see the caller’s location and quickly move toward the incident, giving them a head start to develop a response plan.

Moreover, first responders can hear the interactions between the caller and the call-taker, including answers to questions, first-hand descriptions, emotional tones, and background noise on the scene. This information provides officers with situational awareness, which is critical when responding to emergencies.

“Live911 will help us improve our response time and increase our situational awareness, giving us the opportunity to assist in a much faster and more efficient way,” said Sheriff Arbon.

The implementation of Live911 by the Weber County Sheriff’s Office demonstrates a commitment to improving emergency response times and saving lives. With this new technology, first responders can react faster and more efficiently to emergency situations, increasing the chances of a positive—if not a life-saving—outcome for those involved.

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