The windows in our homes are an important connection to the outside world, but we also need them to protect us from heat, cold, wind, rain, and all the weather extremes Northern Utah throws at us. As our homes age, the windows become less effective at protecting us from these elements.

Michael White, manager of Valley Glass, recommends replacing windows once they hit about 15-20 years old. At 15+ years, window seals become weak, which leaves them prone to drafts and leaks. In addition, older single-paned windows lack insulation and are not as energy efficient as modern, double-pane windows. Replacing your old windows with new, energy-efficient windows can prevent drafts, overheating, and UV damage to carpet and furniture. Energy-efficient windows can also help reduce utility bills.

At Valley Glass, owned and operated by the Naylor family for over 60 years, each new window carries a lifetime guarantee. The Valley Glass team provides a customized, face-to-face experience for each customer and would love to help you upgrade your home.

Finance 15 months interest-free with Valley Glass, and mention this article for $50 off when you purchase five windows or more.


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