From Racehorse Trainer to Insurance Broker: Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands


If you ever find yourself around any local horse races, chances are you might have heard he name Tisa Penrod at one point or another. She’s a well-known racehorse trainer who also happens to be the owner of Mrs. Insurance Broker, LLC, out in Plain City.

Tisa had become an insurance broker because of her involvement as a racehorse trainer. One day she learned she wasn’t actually covered on her property, but her premiums had kept increasing and she’d trusted her agent. After discovering that, she decided not to simply take matters into her own hands, but to help, guide, and teach others the importance of insurance policies, what they cover, and why. She knows the significance of being part of her clients’ lives, and treats them like she would her own, “At Mrs. Insurance Broker, LLC, we give you the best customer service because we know how important you are.” To find out how much you can save, call 866-801-1971 for a free auto or homeowners quote with us today.

Mrs. Insurance Broker opened their doors in May after Tisa felt a lack of growth with her old company, ultimately deciding to start her own. She now has quick-fill forms on her website for home or auto insurance quotes, but also offers personalized quotes for equine mortality, farm and ranch, and has begun expanding into commercial as well. Whatever your needs might be, Mrs. Insurance Broker can help.

Tisa appreciates how vital you are, and offers top-notch customer support.

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