“Make sure you enjoy a challenge.”

“I’m very grateful to be where I am now. We all need a network. As working women, our friends and coworkers are important.”


Michelle Giacoletto has worked for Ovation homes for four years. She is a key team-member responsible for handling accounting, accounts payable, payroll, bonds, taxes and much more.

Her focus and attention to detail are vital to the function of this fast-growing company. And she shares a close bond with her fellow team members. “I feel like I found my second family working here,” Michelle says.

During her time with the Ovation family, Michelle has played a vital role in developing company systems, facilitating growth, overseeing the internal processes, and managing collaboration between organizations. Land acquisition and building is a complex process, and Michelle helps keep all the moving parts working together.

Ovation Homes has grown rapidly in our area. For over twenty years now, they have specialized in providing single-level floor plans that can be personalized to the needs and tastes of homeowners. “We create homes that allow residents to enjoy the lifestyle they’re looking for,” Michelle says, “every detail of our work goes toward that goal.”

Working with numbers comes natural to Michelle, who has always loved math. She loves to figure things out and find solutions to intricate problems. With her background in math and analytics, she runs the financial systems and internal processes that help them continue to grow and serve their customers.

“I worked for another company for many years, and I was ready for a change,” Michelle says. “My network of business connections helped me so much as I advanced in my career. The people working around me, who recognized my abilities and helped me gain more education and skills, were a tremendous support. They helped me move forward, and I’m very grateful to be where I am now. We all need a network. As working women, our friends and coworkers are important.”

Her advice to others considering accounting as a career: “Make sure you enjoy a challenge. Accuracy is very important to me and to my company.”

While much of Michelle’s work happens behind the scenes, Ovation Homes wouldn’t be able to run smoothly without her. “I’m excited to see what comes next. I love being part of the growth happening now.”

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