DOIN’ IT RIGHT – Outstanding Local Kids


Payton Bennett

Payton Bennett and her lamb | Photo credit unknown

Payton Bennett is a sweet and articulate 17-year-old senior at Fremont High School. She loves math and construction classes. She is a 4H livestock Ambassador for Weber County, is also the Fremont High FFA secretary, and is on the meat judging team. She says that she has shown “everything” in the past but this year she has three projects, two lambs and a hog.

She tells me that 4H has taught her how to be a leader. She has been in a leadership position since she was about nine years old starting as a junior ambassador, a Weber County Ambassador, and a region Ambassador for Utah State. She says that it has taught her how to be a proficient public speaker.

Last January she was able to go to the Western Roundup for 4H, the National Contest where she competed on the meat team. She says that she has seen success in the 4H ring in showmanship over the years. Payton tells me that the hardest part of juggling so many activities is committing, and not just committing, but persevering through the hard stuff to meet your goals.

Outside of 4H and FFA, she likes to paddle board, play pickleball, and go riding at the dunes and up in the mountains. This delightful young lady plans to continue her education at Weber State after graduation and pursuing Construction Management or becoming an Electrician. Whatever she chooses, her future is bright!

Stockton Marriott

Stockton with champion steer. | Photo Credit Taylor Bennett

Let me introduce you to a charming and polite 17-year-old Ogden High Senior, Stockton Marriott. Stockton enjoys math and engineering at school and loves to play basketball and fish. He is a member of the 4H program where he has shown almost every species at one time or another. For the past two years, his focus has been on steers and goats. He enjoys the goats for their funny and friendly personalities and the steers because of the hard work and life lessons they provide.

Stockton says that it really doesn’t matter what your 4H project is, “As long as you give it your all. You just gotta work at it and your project will show that!” He has multiple wins at the County Fair level and at the State Fair levels including two Grand Champion Market Steers. Last year he brought home the Grand Champion Market Goat title. He prides himself on working hard and being consistent with his animals to prove that being a champion is not just a fluke.

Stockton says that 4H has taught him to work hard and has been an important part of his life. This very impressive young man plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after graduation. After those two years, he plans to further his education in dentistry or veterinary medicine. He says that agriculture is an important part of his and his family’s lives and that he hopes to keep it a part of his future life.

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