The Work Begins – Silos Part 2


I hope anyone who reads my articles doesn’t feel like the Bittons churn out projects faster than the Energizer Bunny. We do things at turtle speed… that being said, the silo situation has been YEARS in the making. It took years to find them and it’s taking years to finish. The silos sat on the east side of our property for almost a year. We had to get a very large cement pad poured, but before that, the electrical line was stubbed so the silo could have power. I also changed my mind about where I wanted the silo based on the shade it would provide so I had to hand-dig through rocks and gravel to move the line to the new location. Lesson learned—don’t change your mind! Cement was poured and cured then the moving day began again.

The silo will be an outdoor kitchen/entertaining area and we are excited to get it finished this summer.

We decided to combine the two silos into one taller version. The smashed roof silo had a better bottom and the one with a good top had a rusted-out bottom. Remember, silos can’t be lifted from the outside, so we rented a Gradall and lifted them with tow straps from the interior framing. The smashed roof silo was set first and then the bad top was removed. Then the good top of the second one was placed on top of the good bottom. Next, we cut out and braced the area for the bar top. Silos are extremely hot – like a metal oven. I couldn’t believe how much cooler it was inside when the bar top section was cut out. Other areas were patched and now the silo shell is complete.

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