Message from the Commissioners

Commissioner Jim Harvey, Commissioner Sharon Bolos & Commissioner Gage Froerer

A historic milestone, this year marked the 35th anniversary of the fair, a resounding testament to its enduring popularity and steadfast significance as one of Utah’s premier events. With a resplendent attendance that exceeded 43,270 people, the fair once again solidified its status as the best county fair in the state of Utah. Since 2017, the national decline of 32.7% in county fair attendance has posed a threat to rural counties’ existence (as per IAFE data). Remarkably, the Weber County Fair has bucked this trend, boasting a 6% surge in 2022 and an impressive 7% growth in 2023, thanks to proactive programming.

In 1994, the Weber County Fair featured equestrian spectacles like Arabian, Miniature, Quarter, and Draft Horse Shows, but meager attendance never surpassed 30. Fast forward, diligent superintendents couldn’t halt the decline in entries despite premium hikes.

The “Weber Rodeo” drew more crowds than ever before. Friday night’s electrifying “Bull Fighters Only,” televised worldwide, filled the outdoor stadium to capacity. From captivating showcases like the Flippenout Trampoline Show and the heart-pounding Go Green BMX Show to the adrenaline- charged Demolition Derby, the kaleidoscope of offerings was nothing short of exhilarating.

In 2020, amid the pandemic, Weber County officials as well as the Fair Board and the Fair Team showed true leadership by championing the youth. The Junior Livestock Show’s shift from the Auction Arena to the expansive Golden Spike Arena for distancing saw phenomenal success, with soaring sales from $400k to $1.2M.

Commissioner Gage Froerer expressed profound gratitude to the parents of the children taking part in the Junior Livestock Program for their investment, commitment, and support to making the Junior Livestock Auction a huge success. Froerer highlighted the role of the Junior Livestock program in offering kids a chance to gain essential life skills and hands-on experience in raising their own livestock. Not only does the program enable children to save for college, but also enhances their resumes, and allows them to exhibit a strong sense of responsibility as they manage their livestock.

Commissioner Jim Harvey encapsulated the fair’s essence, emphasizing its deep connection to Weber County’s enduring spirit of unity. While the Fair as well as Weber County has evolved since 1994, the dedication to preserving the fairgrounds remains unwavering. With the 35th Weber County Fair’s success, the community eagerly anticipates many more decades of this remarkable event.

Commissioner Sharon Bolos thanked the generous sponsors, devoted volunteers, and dedicated staff for all their efforts in putting this amazing event together as well as the wonderful citizens of Weber County. With the 35th Weber County Fair’s success, the community eagerly anticipates many more decades of this remarkable event.

“Weber County Fair 2023 uniting generations, inspiring memories, and enriching community bonds”

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