Who Runs Weber County?

Meet the talented people playing a big part of #WinninginWeber

Welcome to the heart of Weber County, where dedicated department heads, elected officials, and their teams work tirelessly to serve our community. From ensuring sound financial management to promoting public safety, they play pivotal roles in driving our county’s growth and prosperity. Let’s take a closer look at the key departments and their visionary leaders, each contributing uniquely to the well-being of our residents.

Weber County Administrative Services Department

Sarah Swan

Under the astute leadership of Sarah Swan, the Director of Human Resources, the department has undergone a transformative journey. Sarah’s strategic vision has fostered a culture of growth, empowerment, and employee well-being. Her innovative approach ensures that Weber County remains at the forefront of HR practices, cultivating a dynamic and inclusive workplace. From initiating new hiring and departmental transfers to providing additional training and culture development for existing staff, this department plays a vital role in shaping a competent and motivated workforce.

Weber County Treasurer

John Bond

As the guardian of public funds, the Treasurer plays a pivotal role in safeguarding county resources and collecting revenue used for operating essential programs. John Bond, the highly accomplished Treasurer at Weber County, Utah, has been twice recognized as Treasurer of the Year by the Utah Association of Counties. His exceptional leadership led Weber County to earn an AAA bond rating, a remarkable achievement earned only by the top 2% of counties in the country. John’s prudent financial management, transparency, and accountability make him an invaluable asset in driving Weber County’s financial well-being and prosperity.

Weber County Culture, Parks and Recreation

Marty Smith

The Department of Parks and Recreation is entrusted with managing a treasure trove of historic and cultural resources. Marty Smith, the Director of Culture, Parks & Recreation, leads a team responsible for hosting an impressive average of 800 events annually at many Weber County facilities. Marty and his team have earned a reputation for excellence in event and venue management. Upholding a culture based on trust, respect, empowerment, adaptability, and investment, Marty ensures that Weber County’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage are celebrated by all.

Center of Excellence

Melissa Freigang

The Weber Prosperity Center of Excellence (COE) stands as a testament to Weber County’s commitment to health, equity, and economic well-being. As the Founding Director, Melissa Freigang blends her extensive experience in operational excellence with expertise in human development, family resilience, and intervention design. Freigang’s vision for the COE identifies the root causes of the region’s social challenges, unites stakeholders to eliminate agency silos, and implements human-centered strategies to benefit all Weber County residents. The COE is a beacon of hope, fostering a thriving, resilient community.

Weber County Sheriff

Ryan Arbon

As the conservator of the peace and executive officer of the county and district courts, the Sheriff’s role is crucial. Ryan Arbon, the Weber County Sheriff, brings a wealth of experience to his position. With a career spanning back to 1997, Ryan has served in various law enforcement roles throughout northern Utah. His diverse experience, leadership, and dedication to public safety led him to be elected as Sheriff in November 2018. He was awarded Sheriff of the Year by his peers at the Utah Association of Counties in 2022. Sheriff Arbon and his team are regarded as leading the country with their innovative applications of lean systems to the Sheriff’s Office by streamlining processes and trimming the fat out of budgets.

Economic Development

Stephanie S. Russell

With a bottom-up, holistic approach, the Economic Development of Weber County is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of the community’s assets while proactively addressing economic challenges. Through strong partnerships and collaborations at both state and regional levels, this department creates unique and valuable development opportunities, driving sustainable economic growth and empowering local businesses. Stephanie S. Russell is the Economic Development Director and Government Relations Liaison. Stephanie has 19 years of experience in economic development and has become a state and national expert in “Place Making Theory,” a place-based economic and community development approach focused on arts, community engagement, stakeholder input, and social issues.

Weber County Clerk/Auditor

Ricky Hatch

Maintaining the integrity of financial administration in county government is the primary responsibility of the County Auditor. Under the leadership of Ricky Hatch, the County Auditor, financial oversight of all records and elections of the County and its officers is meticulously administered. Ricky brings a wealth of experience, having held positions in the Weber County and Utah State Republican Party, along with serving on Farr West City’s Planning Commission. Ricky was awarded the County Clerk/Auditor of the Year by his Utah peers in 2015 and 2022, and is frequently a resource for members of the United States Congress as he serves on multiple national committees for election security. Ricky is dedicated to transparency, accountability, and prudent financial management.

Weber County Library

Lynnda Wangsgard

Throughout the illustrious 150-year history of the library, a remarkable group of individuals—including board members, friends, employees, and community members—have garnered national acclaim for their unwavering determination to embrace challenges and overcome adversity, all in pursuit of creating a world-class community. Director Lynnda Wangsgard heads the Weber County Library. As a certified secondary teacher in Utah, Lynnda has made a significant impact on education and has been recognized for her exceptional work. Recognized as the Woman of the Year by the Young Women’s Christian Association Northern Utah, she also received the Beginning Professional award from the Mountain Plains Library Association and a Utah Endowment Humanities Project grant.

Weber County Assessor

John Ulibarri

A County Assessor’s job is listing and valuing all taxable real and personal property in Weber County. John Ulibarri, our County Assessor, is a certified General Appraiser in Utah and holds various designations from the Utah State Tax Commission and the International Association of Assessing Officers. Since becoming Weber County Assessor in 2011, John has been committed to providing fair and equitable assessments and excellent service to residents and taxpayers alike. Fun fact: John won Assessor of the Year as awarded by his peers at the Utah Association of Counties in 2022.

Weber County Community Development

Sean Wilkinson

In the vibrant landscape of Weber County, visionary leaders at the helm of key departments are propelling the region toward prosperity and progress. With unwavering dedication and innovative approaches, they tackle critical challenges and foster an inclusive, resilient community. Their commitment to excellence and public service is evident in the remarkable achievements that shape the county’s future. Sean Wilkinson is the Director of Community Development. We are thankful for Sean’s 17 years of dedicated service. Sean holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Utah. He’s a Certified Planner (AICP) overseeing vital divisions, including Planning, Engineering, Building Inspection, Roads, Garage, Property Management, and Transfer Station.

Weber County Attorney

Chris Allred

Promoting public safety and providing legal counsel to county officials are among the primary responsibilities of the County Attorney. Chris Allred, the Weber County Attorney, has served as a dedicated public servant for over 25 years. Chris provides legal counsel to county employees and departments while overseeing the prosecution of thousands of criminal cases each year. His exceptional leadership is reflected in his active involvement in prominent associations, where he works closely with law enforcement partners to foster a stronger community.

Weber County Recorder

Leann Kilts

The Weber County Recorder’s Office plays a crucial role in maintaining and organizing land documents within the public record. It is responsible for recording, storing, and retrieving various property-related documents. Additionally, it offers valuable assistance to the public by helping locate real property parcels on ownership plats and facilitating access to pertinent records. This department is led by Leann Kilts, a dedicated County champion with an astounding 43 years of service in the Recorder’s Office. Leann was awarded Recorder of the Year in 2021, is a certified cadastral mapper, and has led the Recorder’s Office through decades of advancement from hand drafting and assembling deed books through CAD and electronic recording to Interactive access to property records from phones.

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