Weber County Employee Highlights

Congratulations to the employees from our different departments that work hard every day!


Andy McRae

Public Services Manager

Andy McRae is the newest member of the Weber County Clerk/Auditor team. As the public services manager, Andy oversees the amazing team that issues marriage licenses, processes passport applications, and manages various tax relief programs. As a 12-year member of the Utah Army National Guard, Andy brings experience in military intelligence and anti-money laundering investigations.

Chris Crockett

Chief Civil Deputy

Chris Crockett is the chief civil deputy in the Weber County Attorney’s Office. This is an incredibly busy and demanding position. It involves, among other things, providing legal counsel to the county commission, other elected officials, and numerous county departments and boards. This is one of the most important positions in the office, and Chris was appointed because he is a capable, dedicated, and hard-working lawyer. He is constantly looking for ways to improve, and above all, he is just an excellent human being. Weber County is incredibly fortunate to have him.

Cari Montgomery,

Training and Risk Manager

“Cari is a true advocate for safety awareness and safety in the workplace, and as such, has significantly reduced our Workers Compensation reporting time, as well as lowered our EMOD rating, resulting in significant cost savings to the county. In addition to being an exemplary employee, Cari’s fun and engaging personality make her an excellent trainer and someone everyone looks forward to being around.”

Ronna Tidwell
Business Office Manager for the Operations and Property Management Divisions

“Earlier this year, in addition to her daily work, Ronna volunteered to assist the Health Department with scheduling vaccine appointments. Though this added significantly to her workload, she did it with a smile and was always kind and helpful. This is just one small example of how Ronna’s positive attitude and desire to provide exemplary service have benefitted Weber County and its citizens.”

Crystal Monzella,

Ice Sheet Office Manager

“Crystal always strives to practice excellent communication skills. Whether she is helping a customer, training staff, or learning something new for the county, she strives to understand and be understood. Additional staff has noticed a huge improvement in their communication skills and customer service since having Crystal in our office to lead by example.”

Linda Deyoung,
Front Counter Accountant

Linda has worked at the front counter of the Treasurer’s Office for almost seven years. She is one of our office ‘sunshine girls’ and greets all who enter our office with a big smile and a happy attitude. Her work is precise and efficient. We are very lucky to have Linda in the Treasurer’s Office!

Debbie Christensen,

Business Office Manager II

Debbie oversees all operations at the front counter. She greets everyone with kindness and patience, wanting to fully understand the customer’s needs. She is thorough in everything she does and cares about our office and the people who come in for our help. She brings a positive and happy atmosphere to Weber County, and we are glad she is in our corner.

Stacy Skeen,

Executive Assistant

Stacy is extremely efficient and treats everyone with the utmost respect. In addition to assisting the commissioners, Stacy staffs several meetings for the county; those include the Weber Housing Authority, the Tourism Tax Advisory Board, and the Local Homelessness Council. She is also a huge part of RAMP and the Annual Commissioners’ Fall Charity Golf Classic. Stacy is amazing at her job; she takes pride in her work, and she is great to work with.

Jacque Cole,

Real Property Appraiser

Jacque is sassy, classy, and a little smart-aleckey. Her contributions to our office go beyond how she performs her job. Jacque is always ready to assist her teammates and customers. Beyond Jacque’s exemplary work is Jacque herself. She is simply a great person, boosting morale by just walking in the room.

Monyee Yip,

North Branch Manager

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Monyee began her professional library career at McGill University in Montreal. She worked in a photographic archive in Himachal Pradesh, India, before joining the Weber County Library in 1998 as head of technical services. Monyee speaks English, French, and Chinese, and currently manages the North Branch.

Valerie Lopez,

Records Clerk/Inmate Transportation Coordinator

Valerie has been employed with Weber County since 2007 and is a valued member of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office Family. Valerie assures that the work she performs is accurate, thorough, and of the utmost quality. In addition to her regular assignments in transportation, Valerie frequently assists other areas of the office. Valerie assists Search and Rescue by attending meetings, taking minutes, and doing background checks on volunteers. Valerie always has a treat for co-workers and distributes them through the facility, always trying to make someone’s day better.

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