Message from the Commissioners

Commissioners Sharon Bolos, Gage Froerer, and James H. “Jim” Harvey

The Commissioners would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for all those who take the time to participate in the R.A.M.P. program. In 2004 and again in 2014, Weber County voters approved one penny out of every ten dollars spent in sales tax going to the Recreation, Arts, Museums and Parks program. Since that time, because of the generosity of our citizens, we have collected $65,831,113.

We would especially like to recognize the incredible effort and significant amount of time the R.A.M.P. board puts into making sure that R.A.M.P. funding is distributed in ways that will benefit our community the most effectively. The board recognizes that these are tax dollars, and they take that responsibility very seriously. The goal of R.A.M.P. is always to improve the quality of life for all Weber County residents.

When you notice R.A.M.P. signs at recreation facilities, parks, museums, trails, and on many performance programs, you will know that R.A.M.P contributed to that project. Other projects funded by R.A.M.P. include city celebrations, swimming pools, literary outreach programs, and so much more. One of our favorite programs is the annual Free R.A.M.P. Summer Saturdays; this program allows all Weber County residents to enjoy R.A.M.P. funded projects for free.

Of course, none of these projects could take place without the volunteers and community leaders who do so much for Weber County, and whose passion to include more culture and recreation in their communities, adds so much to the R.A.M.P program. Without their vision and commitment, R.A.M.P. would not be able to provide these tangible benefits for our residents.

We are extremely thankful for everyone in the community who came together to vote on this ballot initiative devoted to improving the quality of life in Weber County. You only need to look around at the many exciting projects that R.A.M.P. has funded to see the incredible results that your pennies have made for all of us. While you are enjoying these amazing R.A.M.P. projects, please remember that R.A.M.P. will be on the ballot again in 2024.

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