What is the Weber Prosperity Center of Excellence?

The CoE’s mission!

The Weber Prosperity Center of Excellence or CoE is a strategic partnership between the county, public health, and behavioral health systems with a mission of concentrating multi-sector expertise and resources into capabilities that promote, encourage, and ultimately drive social change.

The CoE fulfills its mission by attaining and sustaining solutions, standardizing best practices for wide-scale adoption, and providing leadership and direction to our community’s growing social challenges. These skills allow the CoE to optimize opportunities for economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for all those who enter Weber County.

How Does the CoE Create Prosperity?

The CoE integrates community organizations and agencies to promote a thriving community. Being distinctly separate from the organizations and agencies they serve allows the CoE to ensure maximum agility in addressing the complex social challenges that face our community. Often, organizations are working in silos and competing for resources despite the parallel evolution of similar programs. Other sectors like the business community want to be involved but are unsure how to apply their resources and limited time. The CoE is designed to drive innovation and improvement and they are uniquely qualified to build systems that bridge the gap for organizational engagement. By promoting transparency and shared results the CoE can empower the community to unify their goals.

What does this actually look like?

Like all of us, the CoE has been busy responding to the daily challenges of the pandemic. The CoE convened the homeless service providers and has been working to respond to those individuals and families experiencing homelessness. How do you administer a two-dose vaccine to people who may not be able to go online to make an appointment, know how to make an appointment, have a regular phone number, and do not know whether or not they will be available 28 days later to show up for the second dose? The CoE gathered the expertise of the Lantern House, Midtown Community Health Clinic, Seager Clinic, Ogden Rescue Mission, and the Weber-Morgan Health Clinic. To use the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine was an important part of the solution. The CoE got to work with these great service providers and put together a one-day vaccination clinic to ensure that the most vulnerable of our community have the opportunity for healthcare.


Most recently, it’s helping families experiencing homelessness and offering a one-day COVID vaccination clinic to people who may not know how to get their vaccination.

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